Flexing spectacularly diverse sound, powerfully dynamic vocals, all-out stunning songwriting, and an unbreakable bond between them – The Rhetoriks have been an essential force of positivity through music since their formation in late 2013.  With a unified goal of creating a better world one track at a time, the UK-based duo of London-born rapper Jay Active & Scottish singer/songwriter Elle Mariachi have astounding ambition and a true love of their craft.  They encourage & support each other at every opportunity & complement their own individual talents by fusing them together into exciting new songs – now confidently entering their sixth year as established veterans of the music-scene, The Rhetoriks are fully synonymous with pure audio entertainment & stoked to move your mind, body, and soul in 2019.

What had originally started as a chance encounter through a track created by a mutual acquaintance that happened to feature both Elle & Jay, turned into something undeniably special that they couldn’t possibly walk away from – it had to be destiny calling.  Instantly discovering their incredible chemistry & charisma, The Rhetoriks began to write & record with as much creative freedom as two artists could ever hope to find within one project, challenging each other to tap into their own unique & innovative style in a sincere effort to change the state of music with vibrant new sounds & songs for all to enjoy.

Together, The Rhetoriks have gone on to play numerous clubs, stages, and festivals, including massive events like Manchester’s Big Weekend, the Stereofunk Festival, The Classic Grand, & many, many more, bringing their uplifting & empowering vibes straight to the people where they truly belong.  Online, The Rhetoriks have experienced equally amazing success, with their killer debut single “Take My Soul Away” reaching inside the top-20 of the UK commercial club charts, then going on to score their first top-10 hit immediately afterwards with the follow-up release of their smashing & wildly addictive EDM track called “Yeah I Do.”  As they evolved and continued to refine their style & sound over the years to follow, The Rhetoriks released a steady stream of singles & videos online – every step they took & every opportunity that presented itself, all the newfound love & support for their music…it all confirmed they were on the path they were always meant to be on…& that they were making music the people truly wanted to hear.

With their eclectic & enigmatic sound, and their fearless determination to create intense new vibes that boldly resonate within the hearts & minds of listeners worldwide, The Rhetoriks are ready to push the limits once again in 2019.  Currently finishing up the recording sessions on their most expressive, fresh, melodic, & moving material to-date, they’ve got their debut album now on the horizon, scheduled for official release towards the end of the year & heading into the next.  Aptly titled 20/20 Vision, you can count on the new songs to highlight yet another dimension of the forward thinking, insightful lyricism, and irrepressible spirit that thrives in the attitude, aura, sound, and immaculate style of The Rhetoriks. 

Fate brought them together – but it’s your support that has made them the success they are today.  Join The Rhetoriks as they continue to create make music that matters & welcome the entire world to be a part of the excitement – and be ready for a whole set of their very best with 20/20 Vision coming soon!

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